"You are going to be heard from… your talent is incredible, but your poise….” – Jerry Springer, Episode 48 The Jerry Springer Podcast March 29, 2016.

 “Driving to my concert at Fur Peace Station with my band and GE Smith, I listened to Erin Coburn's CD "Chaos Before Conformity." Powerful, passionate and personal. It also reminds me in style and attitude of the music I was making with The Freeborne in Boston when I was her age. Here we are in Memphis last January where she was about to play and be interviewed by Brett Fleming At WEVL after me. I met her at the Pinetop Perkins Foundation workshops and I knew she was very talented but her album knocks me out!” - Bob Margolin, 4/16/16

“EC [Erin Coburn] has a voice that sounds older than her years and she is a very good guitar player. She clearly has some good taste in music and she is clearly listening to more than Top 40! She writes pretty good for her age and she will get better. I am very pleased to be playing her music right now at the beginning of what I think will be a long career.”                 - Jeff Powell, WGWG 8/11/15

“One day soon, you will have to pay high-dollar to stand within ten feet and listen to the artistry of Ms. Erin Coburn. She can lay back or reeve up while pulling fine blues-rock sounds and rhythms out of her electric guitar or electric ukulele. Also, she can go authentically country and tastefully pop. Her effortless singing is rangy—she pulls her vocal triggers at will.”                                    - Zeno Songbird, Knoxville Music Warehouse, 4/12/16

“Chaos before Conformity is ten songs featuring some fine rhythm and blues, by a group of musician’s that have been at it for a few years now. To record the album Erin enlisted the help of her long-time friends and bandmates: Brandon Powell (acoustic and electric guitars), Joe Nasser (drums), Dixon Creasey Junior (electric bass), and John Redell (electric guitar). These five have put together an albums worth of songs that shake rattle and roll, that blues it up, and songs that featuring guitar solos trading off and dancing as well. Lyrically these songs express somebody ready for what the future holds, and where she is going, and a girl that is just different.”                                                               - Moose Gronholm, CincyMusic.com 10/19/15

“Erin also has a beyond-her-years knack for coming up with clever hooks and memorable melodies – little musical kernels you can carry around with you as you go about your daily tasks. Her lyrics seem honest, not contrived, and work well with her mature, honey-hued vocals – convincingly spiked by an occasional country lilt or some bluesy grit” - Gordon Webb, Martinez Gazette, 11/20/15

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